Have you ever wondered what the next step was to get to that higher level? Want a better understanding of your life in 2020? Allow me to share some insight on self-motivation.

Self-motivation is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as the “initiative to undertake or continue a task or activity without another’s prodding or supervision.” This means that it is 100% all about you making the decision to help yourself, possessing a strong desire to change, allowing growth to occur, and being determined.

What is most important to you in life? How do you plan on making it happen? Who is in control for it to come about? You are. Self-motivation is important because it is the very first step towards any personal growth and life achievements. It all begins with an amazing discovery that you can actually make a difference in your life and the life of those around you.

A simple example of taking charge and becoming self-motivated would be to begin writing in a journal on a daily basis and taking note of all that you want to accomplish. For instance, you can chart down personal health goals, places you want to travel to, the type of lifestyle you want, the type of job you would like, and so on. By writing down all these goals, you can jump-start your life and begin planning and moving forward towards living the life that you want and that you choose

Remember, there are no limits to self-motivation or a wrong way to go about it. You can decide to embrace life and go after your dreams, or not act at all and allow it to pass you by. The decision is ultimately yours to make. Self-motivation requires you to be a decision maker.

There are three general types of people in this world:

Type 1: People who make bad decisions, cannot choose a path, and waist their lives away are what I like to refer to as the sinkers. (not

Type 2: People who wish and dream about a better life but rather purchase lottery tickets than go after what they want are the floaters.
(not self-motivated)

Type 3: People who know what they want, plan for it and go out and make it happen are those who SOAR. (self-motivated!)

Are you the self-motivating type? If you answered no, would you not prefer to be the self-motivating type? Would you like to SOAR in life?

Self-motivation is one of the key elements in life that we have full control over. Oddly enough, people don’t seem to spend much time on it. Instead, individuals waste more time on things that they cannot control, such as the weather, traffic, time, other people, and what they say. You can finally take control of your life right now through self-motivation. You can control your attitude, your thoughts, your conversation and your actions toward others. Self-motivation strengthens awareness and removes negative thought. Self-motivation promotes discipline, action and resolution. Self-motivation is a stead fast road to contentment.

You are at the helm and can steer one way or the other. Why not choose the right way: choose self-motivation and begin 2019 on the right foot.