Goal Setting in 2020

Goal Setting in 2020

Goal setting should not only be associated with New Year’s Resolutions but with our overall life desires for 2020 and beyond.

Goal setting is the foundation to self motivation and is applicable at all times in one’s life.

Primarily, you need to identify the desires and dreams you want to become a reality in your future. Begin by taking some time to write them out as clearly as possible. This is just the first step of goal setting and of fulfilling those desires and dreams.

Now that your desires and dreams are written out, group or categorize them. Then, prioritize them beginning with the most important goal and onward.
Once your top priority desires and dreams have been identified, you must determine if you are willing to pay the price to make one, two or all of them a reality.

It is not about money when you choose to pay the price to make a dream a reality. It’s about being realistic. Your willingness to pay the price with hard work and determination must be identified before any goal setting.

The price you have to pay may come in many forms. Your commitment may be in the form of money; change in habits; extra demand on your time and efforts; or additional education. Your goal may affect your family and other relationships. It may even impinge on your hobbies, sports or other activities. Are you willing to pay that price?

These are the demands you must identify before goal setting because if you are not willing to pay the price, you will not realize any of your desires or dreams. If you are not ready, it is best you avoid any goal setting and forego that New Year’s resolution.

It is imperative to be truly honest with yourself and understand the consequences associated with making your dreams a reality. Proceed only when you are willing to pay the price and ultimately, achieve your goals.

The following guide will direct you to take your top priority dream and make it a S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, action oriented, realistic and relevant with a timetable) goal.